What is MicroLearning?

Learning that people choose to use. Micro Learning is video-based learning that delivers key concepts in as short an amount of time as possible. You've probably already chosen to use Micro Learning, it's the way people choose to learn.

Are you already a MicroLearner?

Ask yourself: When you wanted to work out how to do something, have you ever YouTube'd a video?
When there was more than one video to choose from which one did you pick first - the shortest one?
If you answered 'Yes', then you chose MicroLearning!

pearls of wisdom ® are short, dynamic animated videos covering a wide range of essential management and leadership models. In just 3-4 minutes they deliver timely and relevant nuggets of knowledge to time-deprived learners. Click on the Pearls Video Descriptions link to see a list of all videos available.

pearls of wisdom ® are easily accessed via the internet, your intranet or LMS. Because they can be viewed on a desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone, your people can use them when and where they need them most.

pearls of wisdom ® help to improve your organisational productivity and performance by giving insight into management and leadership models, tools and techniques. You select the ones most relevant to your needs, ensuring the learning is appropriate to your workplace.

pearls of wisdom ® PD Training currently have an extensive range of 248 pearls of wisdom ® available in this product series. To help you select they have been placed in an appropriate category or categories and each one has a product description and details of the learning outcomes you will achieve. Mix and match the exact number you require from any Category or licence the full 248 in a special bundle. You can select the pearls of wisdom ® to satisfy many goals, including providing additional resources aligned to learning programmes, support learning transfer into the workplace, use within social learning or perhaps to support toolkits for workplace challenges.