PD Training (PDT) strives to stay at the cutting edge of adult education, knowledge transfer, L&D and HR Tools.

We have worked with L&D and HR professionals for the past 9 years in helping our clients to define which staff member requires what type of professional development training and coaching, and as we know this can be a daunting task for many organisations.

PD Training have partnered with the REACH Ecosystem to deliver a world first complete set of automated people development resources on an intuitive OrgDev Platform that provide professional development for the complete life cycle of an employee from the moment they step into your organisation.

The reach ecosystem fundamentally changes people and organizational development with the most complete, evidence-based ecosystem of resources that are quick and simple to use, yet are high impact, powerful and sustainable.

All of the resources in the REACH Ecosystem are high-quality standalone products, and can be used independently of each other, and in no particular order - there is no need to “roll-out REACH”. Starting with REACH can be as simple as running a Time Management Course and letting the language and other tools come to life when they are needed.

You’ll find the resources are easy to use and access, the language in all of the products is simple, the visuals are clean, and this experience sees adoption grow organically.

Start wherever it makes most sense for you right now, welcome to the REACH Ecosystem.

Insights to know - Awareness, where are we now?
Awareness of Style, Strengths and Skills for Individuals, Leaders and Culture
  • Personal Profiles
  • Leadership Profiles
  • Sales Profiles
  • Team Profiles
  • All from a single 10-minute survey
  • Extends from Leadership Self-Profiles
  • Positive and growth oriented
  • Takes raters only 3-minutes
  • Mobile friendly
  • Generates instantly
  • Highlights employee experience
  • Indicates key stats like intention to stay/leave
  • Takes raters only 10-minutes
  • Mobile friendly
  • Generates instantly
Strategic Development for Leadership & Sales Teams
  • Leadership Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Team Strengths
  • Leadership Team Balance/Imbalance
  • Leadership Team Development Recommendations
  • No additional survey required
  • Sales Team Dynamics
  • Sales Team Strengths
  • Sales Team Bench-marking
  • Sales Team Development Recommendations
  • No additional survey required
Insights to know - Analysis, what do we need to do?
Training Needs Analysis for Individual Contributors, Leaders and Culture
  • Training Needs Analysis based on self-assessment
  • Specific training and coaching recommendations
  • Downloadable for individuals or entire teams
  • Links directly to complete courses and coaching program
  • Instantly available and always up to date
  • Training Needs Analysis based on 360 feedback
  • Specific training and coaching recommendations
  • Downloadable for individuals or groups of leaders
  • Links directly to complete courses and coaching resources
  • Instantly available and always up to date
  • Training Needs Analysis based on culture survey
  • Specific training and coaching recommendations
  • No guesswork required to take action
  • Links directly to complete courses and coaching resources
  • Instantly available and always up to date
Resources to Grow - Everything you need to take action
Resources for Implementation - complete resources to support training and coaching
  • 33 courses covering 80% of core PD skills
  • Complete activity-based, instructor-led training
  • Editable to your needs, unrestricted use
  • Designed as stand alone courses
  • Constantly updated and expanded
  • A unique trainers resource
  • Provides insights about each group
  • Supports masterful course facilitation
  • Perfect for new trainers and seasoned trainers
  • Instantly available and always up to date
  • A unique coaches resource
  • Based on the G.R.O.W model
  • Adds structure and resources to coaching relationships
  • Personalised 6-month or 12-month programs
  • Suitable for professional coaches or internal pairings

Physical products that bring training to life

  • Make it Real REACH Rug
  • Learn to REACH Caps
  • Learn to REACH Labels
  • REACH to my Team Vizualiser
  • Play to our Strengths REACH Cards
Tools to Measure - Have we grown?
  • Report on RQ growth based on self-assessment
  • Report on RQ growth of leaders by based on 360's
  • Report on RQ growth through Culture Surveys
Keep it alive - Everything you need to embed learning
Resources to - bring it to life and keep it alive

Physical products that help keep learning alive

  • REACH to my Team Vizualiser
  • Keep it Alive REACH Cubes

Make it Stick Activity Packs

  • 6-months of 10-15 minute activities
  • Designed to be used by Trainers or Team Leaders
  • Provides simple reinforcement in regular meetings
Tools to enhance Recruitment & Succession Planning
  • Use REACH Quotient to identify and grow future leaders
  • Specialized tools to support recruitment

REACH delivers a new world of functionality you’ll be astounded at the savings it delivers

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The science behind higher performing people, leaders and culture

Reach the science and tools to improve performance today and thrive in the workplace of tomorrow

What is REACH?

REACH measures agility to adapt to the needs of different people and different situations.

REACH provides clear insights into agility, preferences and skills of

  • Individual Contributors
  • Leaders
  • Organizational behaviours that impact engagement

REACH combines the science of analyzing human traits using psychometrics together with measuring agility (REACH) that can be grown by developing awareness, skills, resilience and a growth mindset.

REACH is measured as a Quotient (a score out of 5) and is visually represented by an individuals REACH Zone.

An individual's primary archetype is identified as one of 4 primary styles: Counselor (green), Coach (blue), Advisor (yellow) and Driver (red), growing agility into the other styles is achieved by developing the skills most commonly associated with the other primary styles. As a person grows their agility to stretch into the other styles they grow their REACH and in turn improve their effectiveness in different situations.

REACH supports data-driven performance development across country, role and industry.

The purpose of REACH is to improve performance today and develop capability in the future of work - how does it achieve both goals?

Because REACH provides the insights to know and the resources to grow the skills and agility to become more effective in more situations - and is reliable across industry and role.

Higher REACH Quotient consistently correlates to higher performance and as technology continues to reshape our roles, the one constant is that adaptability and the ability to improve interactions with ourselves and other people is they key to performance today, and relevance tomorrow.

Learn more about the science of REACH and its impact in organisations around the globe