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Personal Style Profile

The Personal Style Profile Delivers A Personal Learning And development Opportunity

When used in Training and Coaching, the LDP Personal Style Profile increases the impact of training and development dramatically.

A personal learning journey that changes perspectives, attitudes and team behaviors.


  • Understanding your personal style
  • Recognising other people's personality styles
LDP styles
Personal Style Profile

Personal Style Profile

Personal development and self awareness tool

Personal learning journey that develops self awareness and adaptability.


  • Appreciating the strengths of your style
  • Appreciating the strengths of other people's approach
Your natural strengths are clearly highlighted with green ticks throughout your profile.
Sample Score Card

PHASE 3: Optimising

  • Maximising diversity of styles in a team - understanding they are complementary
  • Maximise strengths and your positive impacts on those around you
  • Adjust your approach in areas that have been blind spots
Sample Score Card details

Take personal and professional development to the next level with the

LDP Personal Style Profile
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