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LDP Certification 2.0 eLearning

This self-paced training program guides users through a functional understanding of the concepts and practices associated with the Leading Dimensions Profile (LDP). While the content within this training is aimed at new users of the LDP, advanced users also will find ample access to helpful guidance.

Upon completion of each of the four training modules, users will be offered an opportunity to complete brief checkpoints to confirm their progress. Successful completion of these checkpoints will demonstrate the user's competency, allowing the user to be listed as "LDP-certified" within correspondence and media.

Price : HKD$220.00


  • Direct access to the Publisher Professor Douglas Waldo SPHR via a private course forum.
  • 30-days access, with a maximum of 40 subscribers, this is exclusive direct access to one of the world leaders.
LDP Certification 2.0 eLearning
  • Learning Outcomes - LDP Certification 2.0 eLearning

    • Explore the LDP's dual factor interaction model.
    • Identify the primary and secondary dimensions.
    • Recognise the four primary profiles.
    • Understand the proper use of the LDP results.

    Course Outline - LDP Certification 2.0 eLearning


    Items to Review:

    • Understanding the LDP Framework
    • Training Outline
    • LDP Sample Reports
    • LDP Glossary

    Things to Do:

    • Facilitator's Virtual Office Forum (Ask Questions Here)
    • Introductions Forum (Please Introduce Yourself Here)
    Module 1: Achievement Drive

    Items to Review:

    • Overview of Achievement Drive
    • Primary Dimensions of Achievement Drive
      • The Intensity Dimension
      • The Risk Tolerance Dimension
      • The Assertiveness Dimension
    • Secondary Dimensions of Achievement Drive
      • The Adaptability Dimension
      • The Decision-making Dimension
    • Recognising Two Extremes of Achievement Drive
      • The Thinking-oriented (Methodical) Style
      • The Acting-oriented (Urgent) Style

    Things to Do:

    • Check Point 1: The Achieving Dimensions (a 10-question Quiz)
    • Discussion 1: Recognising Achievement Drive
    • Check Point 2: Achievement Drive Preferences Quiz (a 10-question Quiz)
    Module 2: Relational Drive

    Items to Review:

    • Overview of Relational Drive
    • Primary Dimensions of Relational Drive
    • The Affiliation Dimension
      • The Consideration Dimension
      • The Openness Dimension
    • Secondary Dimensions of Relational Drive
      • The Status Motivation Dimension
      • The Self-protection Dimension
    • Recognising Two Extremes of Relational Drive
      • The Task-Focused (Guarded) Tendency
      • The People-Focused (Expressive) Tendency

    Things to Do:

    • Check Point 3: The Relating Dimensions (a 10-question Quiz)
    • Check Point 4: Relational Drive Tendencies Quiz (a 10-question Quiz)
    • Discussion 2: Recognising Relational Drive
    Module 3: The Four Primary Profiles

    Items to Review:

    • Overview of the Four Quadrant Grid
    • The Four Primary Profiles
      • The Counsellor Profile
      • The Coach Profile
      • The Driver Profile
      • The Advisor Profile

    Things to Do:

    • Check Point 5: Primary Styles (a 10-question Quiz)
    • Discussion 3: Primary Profiles
    Module 4: Utilising LDP Results

    Items to Review:

    • Proper Utilisation of the LDP
    • Utilising the LDP in Training and Development
    • Utilising the LDP in Recruiting and Selection
    • Case Study Briefs (1-4)

    Things to Do:

    • Check Point 6: Proper Utilisation of LDP Results (a 10-question Quiz)
    • Discussion 4: Utilising LDP Results
    • Complete and submit LDP Certification Request Form

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